***Please note, this protocol applies ONLY TO: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the University of Central Florida on campus.

ALL Injuries and Emergencies of ANY kind MUST be reported to the RWC (Recreation and Wellness Center).
There MUST ALWAYS be a CPR and First Aid/AED certified officer at practice.
An Injury form MUST be filled out.

DO NOT, Call 911 right away UNLESS the situation is life threatening.

If you suspect there has been an incedent or injury, you must:
1. First Call the Recreation and Wellness Center: (407) 823-2408
2. Ask for: SPORTS CLUB SUPERVISOR, tell them what happened, and Request an ATHLETIC TRAINER and the Building Manager. 
3. Wait for them to arrive, and assess the situation. They can help you fill out the injury report.

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