STEP 1. Must be a CURRENT Tuition paying UCF Student OR Staff Member. We are 100% FREE!
STEP 2. Must REGISTER on IMLEAGES AND COMPLETE EVERY STEP IN THE Youtube VIDEO BELOW (Sport Club Acknowledgements AND Concussion Policy). 
STEP 3. Just show up!


*Quick note: The website has slightly changed. After you sign in with your NID, scroll down to “Intramurals” and click on it to proceed.
This can be checked and confirmed by us at any time, therefor we do not need a screenshot.

Step 3: Just show up!

We can help you in person with step number 2. The most important thing is to just show up! Ask to speak with one of the officers, we are more than happy to assist you.


BJJ @ UCF represents all activities relating to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu within the University of Central Florida.
BJJ @ UCF is comprised of TWO sections:
1) College Credit Course: PEM 2402 & 2403 (MUST Register on my.ucf.edu > student self service > search/plan/enroll)
2) BJJ @ UCF Sport Club, OPEN AND FREE TO ALL CURRENT UCF STUDENTS. To sign up, please follow the instructions BELOW.

BJJ College Credit Course: PEM2402 & PEM2403

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Overall Grade: 5/5 

***Spots are limited to the first 35 Students to enroll every semester (for each class)
***In order to register for these classes, you must FIRST be a current UCF student. Please refer to the below links for more information.
Why UCF? Admission Requirements and FAQs
Costs, Tuition & Financial Aid
Plan a visit (Please contact us ahead of time so we can accomodate you)

PEM 2402 (Beginners Level 1)

Our Level 1 Beginners Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Course, available for ALL current UCF students to register prior to the start of every semester! Here are the class codes below:

PEM 2402.1 

Tuesday 10:30am – 12:20pm
Location: Ferrel Commons Auditorium Room 166
2 Credit Hours

PEM 2402.2
Thursday 10:30am – 12:20pm
Location: Ferrel Commons Auditorium Room 166
2 Credit Hours

PEM 2043 (Level 2)

Our Level 2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Course, available for ALL current UCF students to register prior to the start of every semester!

Pre Requisites:
– Passed PEM 2402
– OR At LEAST 1 year of BJJ experience

Here is the class code below:

PEM 2403
Wednesday 10:30am – 12:20pm
Location: Ferrel Commons Auditorium Room 166
2 Credit Hours


NOTE, this is different from the Class. The Class is a 2-credit college course open for registration every semester. This is a SPORT CLUB, FREE  and OPEN to all CURRENT UCF tutition paying students at any time.

We are a Sport Club RSO (Registered Student Organization) run by Students, with Master Ricardo as the head coach.

Our club is FREE and OPEN to ALL Current UCF students. We accomodate ALL experience levels (90% of our club has been training for less than 6 months!). The only Requirement is that you must have a Gi! (Which we sell at an extremely discounted price for students). Have any questions? Just show up and feel free to ask anything! All Club students are welcome to attend Class practices.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club at UCF is one of the LARGEST Sports Club (according to: ACTIVE ROSTER, on IMLEAGUES) on campus! We currently have over 300 club members, and we are still growing! Here is our team:

Meet your Leadership Team:

Professor Ricardo Liborio:
Adjunct Professor for PEM 2402 & PEM 2403
Head Coach of BJJ @ UCF
BJJ Heroes

Arman Badrudeen:
President of BJJ @ UCF
Professor Liborio’s Teacher Assistant for PEM 2402 & PEM 2403

Risk Management Officer: Noe Avila
Treasurer: Tristan Jones
Social Media Managers: Sheilianne Torres & Cynthia Lewis
Teacher Assistants: Howard Graham and Duncan Graham 


All Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Activities at UCF are located at:
Ferrel Commons, Room 166.
(Across the Recreation and Wellness Center, Next to Garage B and 63 South, in front of the Bus Stop.)


If you are an alumni, please join our discord and in the verification channel, mention that you are an alumni! 


Professor Ricardo Liborio started a “Guest Speaker” program within his college credit course, in which influential people, business owners, professional fighters, firefighters, police officers, people from ALL walks of life who train BJJ come in to be interviewed and help teach a class. Students gain an opportunity to learn from these individuals, and pick their brains, as they figure out their plans and goals after college. We also record and upload these interviews on our Youtube Channel. For updates on our LATEST guest speaker, please follow our Instagram!

Christophorus Constantindus (ATOS Orlando Head Coach)
Felicia Spencer (UFC Fighter & Jungle MMA)
Hannah Goldy (UFC Fighter)
Jason Carapelucci (Hannah Goldy’s Coach)
Jessica Aguilar (UFC Fighter)
Julius Mobely (CMA Conway & Spartan Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach)
Mike Lee (Jungle MMA Head Coach)
Mitch McElroy (American Combat Club Head Coach)
Paul Rodriguez (ATT Orlando Head Coach)
Renato Tavarez (Renato Tavarez BJJ Head Coach)
Steve Carl (MMA Fighter, Tiger Muay Thai)
Tarsis Paula (Elementum Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach)
Wade Rome (Control Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach)


Interested in sponsoring us? Please contact us at [email protected] 

Martial Arts Nation
International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Institute
Gameness Gi's
Black Belt Magazine Jiu Jitsu
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